HWCGI Board Statement Covid-19


COVID-19 information is changing like Indiana weather. One minute we have warm weather with sunny blue skies and the next we have cold stormy weather. Last week we received a letter from the Franklin County Sheriff and Brookville Town Legal Counsel. This letter was posted on our Facebook page and Web-site. In summary the letter stated that the Franklin County Council would like us to stay at our permanent homes unless we do not have another permanent residence or for health reasons. However they stated that they were not saying that owners could not come to their private lots to perform upkeep or even spend the night. They asked us to follow the Governor’s orders to practice social distancing and limit gathering of more than 10 individuals. They also asked us to keep our common ground closed with the exception of the laundry. The Hickory Woods Board has previously published guidelines that we would like each lot owner to follow. We have closed all common ground except for the laundry.

Yesterday, we received a call from the Franklin County Board of Health. I, Jeff Rush, called them to understand what they are asking us to do. The Franklin County Board of Health is asking us to volunteer to keep our campground closed until Sunday, May 24, 2020. They explained that Franklin County continues to have new COVID-19 cases. At this time Franklin County has not declared orders greater than Indiana Governor Eric Holcombs orders. Franklin County is currently in Phase 2. For more details of the orders you can look up BackOnTrack.in.gov. Currently Indiana is in Phase 2 with the exception of Cass, Lake and Marion counties. Those counties are still in Phase 1.

The Hickory Woods Board believes that we need to keep all of the owners updated with the latest information. We are providing you with the information as we received it. We are asking you to make your own decision about your particular private lot. However for safety of all, we ask owners to follow the items below:

· Follow Governor Eric Holcombs current orders. Again they can be found at BackOnTrack.in.gov

· Remember all common ground is closed until May 24, 2020. If you need something from the office, see Rock he will help you.

·1. If you are feeling ill please stay away

· 2. If you have a temperature of 100 degrees or more please stay away

· 3. Practice social distancing

· 4. Until May 24, 2020, Please limit visitors to only your family

· 5. Until May 24, 2020, we are not allowing external campers to be brought into camp for overnight visitors

· We are allowing you to bring in contractors to work on your lot, however you must inform Rock. If you do not inform Rock the contractor will be turned away.

Let’s all be smart and play safe


Your Hickory Woods Board