Updated: Indiana Executive Order 20-18 (5)

Hello All,
I received this information from the Franklin County Health Dept./Lawyer for
Franklin County. Know that they are aware our campground is resident
owned. Our government is mandating these orders and may revise by
May 1st. This is determined by the number of covid-19 illnesses in each
county. Union County and the campgrounds in Union County are permitted
to be open with restrictions. I will do my best to keep you informed of any

Please stay healthy and safe,
Michelle Mann

From: Grant Reeves
Date: April 16, 2020 at 1:49:27 PM EDT
Subject: Hickory Woods Opening

We have been in contact with the Governor’s office and various other enforcement officials.
Franklin County believes its position is on firm footing and still within the intent and language of
the governor’s order.

1) At present, the County is fine with people that have no other residence (i.e. true
permanent residents) staying at Hickory Woods.

2) Anyone legitimately isolating there as a matter of necessity to stay away from an ill or
high risk person is also acceptable, particularly in the case of a family member of a
medical professional or first responder that is trying to stay safe and slow the spread of

3) At this time, we maintain that other parties are not exempt from Executive Order 20-18
and should not stay overnight. If someone has another residence, they need to remain
at that residence.

The County asks that your facility abide by the above and our prior guidance out of respect for
the County’s efforts to level off and protect its first responders and medical personnel. We were
initially one of the worst counties in the state per capita, but it appears we may be starting to
level off. We are trying to ride this out a bit longer to keep things under control. Given the
volume of recreational and vacation activities in this community, we have no choice but to err on
the side of caution. The County already had one facility open up and had a serious accident
that required a party to be taken out in an emergency helicopter, exposing numerous first
responders for no legitimate reason. While we understand the risks from any one facility are
likely low, we have to establish our boundaries based on the aggregate.

We continue to monitor this issue closely to allow as many locations as possible to operate as
much as possible. If the governor’s order changes and as we approach May 1, we will continue
to revisit this issue.

Thank you,

Of Counsel/Contract Attorney
Barada Law Offices LLC
Mail: 201 N Main Street, Rushville, IN 46173