Lots more updates!

Howdy Campers!

Lots of things changing around this site.  I think we are all up to date on the Docs page.  We are starting to add more and more documents for your viewing pleasure, so I have given the Meeting Minutes and Treasurer Reports their own page now. There is a link to that in the Docs page or you can click HERE.

We NEED chairpersons for the following event to prevent cancellations:

July 12 – Family Fun Day for Everyone
September 13 – Chili Cook-Off
October 4 – Card and Board Game Night

Please let a Board member know you want to be a chairperson for a event by talking to them or email Board@hwcgi.com.

If you have a question about anything please email Board@hwcgi.com and a board member will get back with you.  If you see an error with the webpage, please email ME at Jefftis@me.com.  I hope to see you all around the camp!

-Jeff Thomas