Howdy Campers!

Howdy campers! Welcome to the 2015 Camping season! I have changed the calendar page to reflect the Tentative Calendar for 2015.  The calendar will be voted on and decided on May 23rd at 10am in the pavilion (there will be coffee and donuts). Ill see you ’round the campfire! -Jeffrey … Continue reading

New Docs

Howdy folks! I have new Meeting Minutes & Treasurer’s Report for August added to the site.  Please find them here.  Thank you! Jeffrey Thomas

Lots more updates!

Howdy Campers! Lots of things changing around this site.  I think we are all up to date on the Docs page.  We are starting to add more and more documents for your viewing pleasure, so I have given the Meeting Minutes and Treasurer Reports their own page now. There is … Continue reading

Hello Campers!!

We have some more updates for you!  Loyd Crump is now our Vice President!  Join me in congratulating him on the new position! We also have some new Meeting Minutes and Treasurer’s reports for this month.  You will find them on the Docs page. I hope everyone has a wonderful … Continue reading